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Outsourced Customer Support: What You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The Outsourcing Protocol

There is no single magic formula for achieving success in this endeavor. The business process outsourcing landscape is a billion-dollar industry, to begin with. And it has branches they call “line of businesses” so you can find a plethora of services offered by these companies.

Because of technology, businesses are now empowered to use tools that reduce friction in business processes that almost any area in a business can be outsourced. Need a boost in sales? Train sales executives or appointment setters via Skype or Zoom, use a time tracker and you’ll see conversions coming in produced by teams offshore. Need help building a website? Tap your creative marketing agency and they can whip up one right away and collaborate with you through project management hubs. But how does one decide whether to hire a service provider to handle the customer support department of one’s business? With so many options being offered in front of you, where do you start?

Before you dive in and take that leap of faith, spare a few minutes to read on some benefits you will enjoy in outsourcing:

· A flexible short-term and long-term solution. This is probably the biggest advantage that you will have should you decide to outsource your customer support. Most agencies have the benefit of flexibility in the duration of the contract. You can agree on a seasonal contract, or a year-long contract – it really depends on what your business needs. The point of the matter is, you have the leverage of having an external company handle your customer service to scale your business at the pace that is tailor-fit to the rate your business is growing. If you need to ramp up for the holidays, for example, you can do so quickly because the company you’re hiring will have pools of talent ready to plug-and-play.

· You are not alone. More and more businesses are looking at outsourcing their customer service department to third-party service providers like outsourcing agencies and call centers offshore. And this business practice is predicted to boost the outsourced customer service industry growth twice in five years. If you’re attending a trade show or any industry event around your place – chances are, you will meet businesses and professionals who outsource one or many of their business processes.

· Lower cost of operations. This is by far the most appealing factor that draws businesses to the idea of outsourcing their customer service to third-party service providers. Imagine providing the same level of service to your customers but enjoying a lower overhead expense as opposed to hiring a customer support team in-house. The truth is, outsourcing is almost always the better alternative to achieve your bottom line without sacrificing the quality of service. You are able to save thousands of dollars by not having to set up infrastructure, tools, and training. Plus, you’re free to impart your company culture and standard operating procedure to your office extension that is the outsourcing agency.

· Round-the-clock coverage. When you outsource to a different part of the world like Asia, you have the advantage of having a team that works for the customer support deck literally while you sleep. This way, you won’t have to attend to issues over and over again. You and your internal team are able to focus on the bigger picture and make an impact on the core of the business during your normal business hours while your third-party service provider handles your customers out of office hours.


Outsourcing your customer support department spares you a lot – time, money, effort, and resources as it cuts your overhead expenses by up to 60%. Gone are the days of the stereotype script-driven call centers – nowadays, when you outsource to a third-party service provider you are encouraged to be involved in the operations and talents that the agency hires for you.

When your business is growing, you need all the extra hands on deck to increase your bottom line while you focus on steering the company towards your business goals. Others have gone and reaped the benefits of outsourcing their customer service team – when will you take that leap of faith?

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